Nature Studies

Presented by: Kathryn Louis

We were placed on God's green earth to learn "… of every truth, of every virtue, of every principle of intelligence known among men, together with those that God has revealed for our special guidance, and apply them to our everyday life, and thus educate ourselves and our children in everything that tends to exalt man" (from “Teachings of President John Taylor”). With this and the writings of Charlotte Mason in mind, we take one day a week to focus on science and the outdoors from a natural history point of view. With some wonderful tools to guide our discoveries, we learn botany, biology, and so on. Since real scientists record what they see, we learn how to quietly observe and draw. Dressed for the weather with picnic lunch in tow, we learn the sights, sounds, and changeability of the outdoor world. More often than not, this awakening of the world around them allows children to experience the Creation with a sense of wonder that lasts a lifetime.


Kathryn Louis (aka Ginger Conrad) and her husband, Joseph, homeschooled their children in one form or another since 1982 in the states of Washington, Hawaii, and Utah. Besides mentoring distance students and mothers all over the world through Milestones Academy and, she also enjoys bee keeping, reading, sewing, gardening, cooking, and grandmothering. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education from NAMC. Now an empty-nester, she is working towards Master Herbalist with SNH, preparing for GREs in English Literature and Psychology, and making more fun homeschool videos. She and her husband reside in Washington State and Southern Utah.

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