Method ≠ System: How to Personalize the Homeschool Experience for Each Child

Presented by: Bente Rodriguez

Do you want to individualize your child’s education, but feel out of breath and out of time? Do you think that you need to do a total rehaul when something doesn’t go as planned? Thought you found the perfect method, but it’s just not working for all of your children? Why not try using your existing METHOD, but make slight changes to how you implement it (the SYSTEM)?

Come learn how one mom of fifteen has learned to make her method work for all her children while keeping at least some of her sanity!!


Bente Rodriguez is the mother of fifteen amazing children ages 24 to three. When she and her husband, Todd, first started their family, they never even thought about homeschooling; but as their oldest son was getting ready to enter kindergarten, they decided to give it a try (after all, how can you mess up a kindergartener?). A bit overwhelmed at first, they took it year by year, and before long, realized they were in for the long haul. After eighteen years of schooling her children (and at least fifteen more to go), she has three returned missionaries, one current missionary, four college kids (BYU-Provo & SVU) and ten still at home. She loves reading, working on home construction projects, being outside and most of all her family! She is also a lover of simplicity and learning!

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