Mentors for Our Children: Our Amazing Founding Fathers

Presented by: Pamela Romney Openshaw

The lives of the United States Founding Fathers yield a rich lore of moral instruction on Christian principles to teach youth and adults. Join us to learn sacrifice from George Washington, courage from old Sam Wittemore, selflessness from John Winthrop, and repentance and forgiveness from John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Your children will adopt mentors, and few teach greater truth than our faithful Founders.


Pamela Romney Openshaw, an avid student of the Constitution, developed her love of government and citizen involvement as an elected delegate from Nebraska to President Jimmy Carter’s White House Conference on Families in 1980. She is an avid reader and student of history; a former kindergarten, elementary, and high school teacher; entrepreneur; and former owner of several businesses, including a general contracting firm. She is an experienced public speaker, her favorite topics being those related to the U.S. Constitution. She has taught for constitutional organizations and is a former newspaper columnist and speaker for National Right to Life. She has created several DVDs, the most recent being Humanism: Attack on Freedom.

Pamela is the author of three books—Promises of the Constitution: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, which explains the U.S. Constitution simply in 5 minute “vignettes”, each just 1 ½ pages long. Promises of the Constitution also tells the history of the Constitution, highlights the Founders, explains destructive changes to its text and interpretation, and outlines actions to restore our inspired Constitution. Two additional volumes, Lessons of the Constitution: Student Workbook and Lessons of the Constitution: Parent/Teacher Resource turn Promises of the Constitution into a complete Constitution curriculum, based on the Founders’ original principles. Biblical scriptures used by the Founders enrich each workbook lesson. Families, individuals, and homeschoolers praise the simplicity, accuracy, and easy format of the curriculum. (

Pamela is the wife of a retired Air Force officer, mother of eight, and grandmother of thirty-one. She is currently at work on several additional DVD presentations.

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