Math is Beautiful: Learning (Yourself) and Inspiring (Your Child) to Love the Cosmic Language

Presented by: Jennifer Georgia

Handing a young child a pencil and a paper covered with arithmetic problems is the surest way to put him into a "hatred of math" phase. But what else is there? "The world is number," said Pythagoras. Math is all around us, and the beauty and mystery of the patterns can be grasped by even young children. This class explores the hands-on/real-world/open-ended approach, which we call doing "fun math" at our house. Why teach algebra to four year-olds, and calculus to seven year-olds? Not to make them prodigies, but to open the world to them and stimulate their minds in new and exciting ways.


Jennifer believes that raising intelligent, happy, freedom-loving children–and helping others do the same–is a powerful way of contributing to society. She worked as an intensive care nurse for 20 years, but now has switched to doing “intensive mommying.” The Georgias have four kids in Team A, who were homeschooled since birth and are now all launched into college, missions, jobs, and/or marriage. Team B is composed of three kids adopted from foster care along with their bio son.

Jennifer is the author of Magical Math: A Book for Young Children and Their Parents which is illustrated by Team A, and You Don’t Have to Be an Expert: Why Homeschooling Works. She blogs at Vision Academy Publishing.

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