Math is as Easy as Pi

Presented by: Jacalyn Stanley

We use math everyday and we just don’t realize it.  Once we get past the scary sound of the word mathematics, everything falls into place. With a combination of hands on learning and the power of the various new tools, find no fear in teaching your children the joy of working with numbers while preparing them for life outside the home.


Daughter of a nuclear chemist and a computer programmer, Jacalyn rebelled to study journalism while still finding herself cursed with an intense love of all things mathematical. While performing strange equations in her head while driving might seem like a “distraction,” she finds it eerily soothing. As a homeschooling mother to teenage boys, her day is never dull and rarely quiet. When not working on her next book, she spends her time enveloped in New Media, reading, designing and sewing a new costume or clothes, and driving her boys to various activities. She works for her stake Public Affairs committee, which generally translates to being at the beck and call of her stake youth leaders.

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