Math and Science: A Language for Truth

If you look at the characteristics of the great philosophers and scientists throughout time, you see a pattern: they all exemplify a set of traits that led them to discover truth. Since all truth belongs to the same Great Whole, regardless of whether we think of it as religious truth or scientific truth, the process of arriving at it is the same.

In this class, I want to focus on how becoming a scientist is really about becoming comfortable—and even adept—at the process of finding and then communicating truth (often using the language of math). The characteristics of a philosopher-scientist can lead you to a deeper understanding of chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, scripture, the Plan of Salvation, repentance, charity, and so on. Incorporating these characteristics into our teaching, our homeschool, and our family culture is a powerful way to empower our children to seek after truth, to learn how the great thinkers throughout time arrived at truth, to accept failure as a step towards truth (repentance!), and to be autonomous thinkers and own the truths that they discover. This class is largely informed by several years of teaching the Pyramid Project LEMI course written by Tiffany Earl to upper middle-grade and high school-aged children.

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