Making History

Presented by: Megan Lovell

Knowing and understanding history is an essential part of gaining a great education. As the saying goes, you don’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been. It is so important to have a connection to our past, especially a past as providential as America’s. Children who know their ancestors and origins have a stronger sense of self and direction. But where do we begin, especially while trying to juggle the essentials of reading, writing, and arithmetic? Come talk about how to make history come alive to the next generation who will be shaping it for tomorrow.


Megan Lovell is a second-generation homeschooler with a passion for the gospel, education, and freedom. She attended George Wythe College and Southern Virginia University and has an appreciation for great books and great ideas. Megan seeks to be involved in any way she can in the homeschooling community and has taught several classes to both youth and adults on leadership, history, business, and government. She feels her personal mission is to help move the cause of liberty through helping educate and liberate the ignorant. Perhaps her greatest asset for helping future homeschoolers is the fact that she herself was homeschooled and has a unique perspective on what it is like to grow up out of the “system.” Her first-hand experience adds perspective and insight as well as energy and motivation.

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