Love of Learning in Our Home

Presented by: Gregory van Duyse

Over the past few years, the van Duyse family has learned that "Love of Learning" looks easy, but it sure can be daunting to implement this important environment in your home! At first our family struggled…how DO you inspire your children to learn what they love, and love what they learn? The conveyor belt sure looks tempting in December! (At least everything would be structured!) Finally, we decided: let’s create a structure where our children can CHOOSE to participate in various activities that will inspire them to gain basic literacy (reading, writing and counting) through classics, and prepare them for a rich and productive Scholar Phase. Well, it worked, and our children loved it! Inside the scope of the Love of Learning phase, we have created three different programs (with challenges, games and rewards) to cover the Love of Reading, the Love of Writing, and the Love of Counting. Let us share with you what we are doing, why we are doing it, and the results we have seen thus far. Don’t worry…Love of Learning can be fun, relaxing and rewarding for both parent and child.


Gregory van Duyse and his wife, Evelyn, live in Montreal, Canada and are the proud parents of four children. They felt inspired by the Lord to educate their children at home, and consider it a blessing in their lives. Gregory is an entrepreneur, an energetic speaker, and loves to be engaged in building the Kingdom. He served for several years on the Board of Directors for LDSEHE.

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