Little Lessons for Mini Monkeys

Presented by: Lara Gallagher

The habits we develop in our lives literally create who we will become; and it all starts at birth. This makes raising and educating children a daunting responsibility! Doing studies with my little children is my favorite part of the day because they are so adorable and so excited to spend that time with me! I love watching how their minds work and how fast they learn. I will show you how to break down your day and your studies into simple routines and activities that make learning fun for little children, ages 0-8, and will help your day run smoothly and easily. You will feel confident knowing that you are teaching them invaluable skills, positive routines, and habits that will prepare them for a lifetime of success.


Lara Gallagher has six children and has been homeschooling for nineteen years. Her children have taught her invaluable lessons every single day of those years! She enjoys sharing what she has learned along the way by speaking, writing, and mentoring other families. She loves creating amazing experiences for her family that make life fun, whether it’s spending five months learning Spanish in Guatemala or starting a dairy farm and a family band. Lara is passionate about mothering, education, health and happiness.

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