Literary Time Travel in Home Education: Bringing History and Literature to Life

As homeschoolers, we have thrown off the shackles of dry textbooks that clip out snippets of history and regurgitate them in short, forgettable paragraphs. We eschew a plethora of memorized dates that represent a tangle of time rather than real people and places in history. In fact, for many homeschoolers, the very subject around which our teaching revolves, is history!—often divided up into four neat parcels, which are easy to rotate through in a four-year cycle. The very subject which modern public schools frequently omit in favor of “social studies” is often the heart and soul of what we do in our home education.

However, if we want the lessons of history to be internalized, we have to teach it in a way that will provide context, relevance, and understanding for our children. In other words, we need history to come to life! Field trips to historic sites, kinesthetic (hands-on) projects, and period-specific music and food are all great ways to work towards this. Most importantly, if we want our children to truly retain history, they must feel as though they are transported there in the ever-cycling time machine of quality, engaging, and authentic literature!

Come to this class to gain a greater understanding of how to use literature to internalize the lessons and flow of history, and to take home some tools and resources that will make your family time-travel more meaningful, all while teaching your children modern day values through stories of the past.

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