At heart, Laura is a sunshine-loving southern Californian. Homeschooling has been an integral part of her family’s culture since 2010. All six of her children (ages six through sixteen) are currently acquiring their education at home. She has enjoyed the ups and downs of her journey with her amazing husband, Aaron, for twenty years. They currently reside in Maryland, where Laura loves to read, cook, hike, study, spend time in nature, and take lots of historical field trips. She also loves photography, horses, and especially the continued grace she receives on a daily basis from our loving Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let's Get Physical

Presented By: Laura York

Have you ever struggled to make P.E. work in your homeschool? Wondered what “counts” or how to track it? In this class, we will discuss creative ways to incorporate physical activities into your year for kids of every age and stage. We’ll also touch on some neat and easy ways to record and track all that you do as well.