Learning Styles and Teaching the Whole Child

Presented by: Mindi Eldredge

No two children are exactly alike! Each child has been blessed with his or her own gifts and abilities, and each child has his or her own set of challenges in life. Come and learn about the different types of learning styles and how you can help your child succeed by using his or her own strengths in overcoming weaknesses.


Mindi Eldredge is the President and founder of The Mindful Heart (themindfulheart.com), a new homeschool method and curriculum that guides families in educating heart, mind, body, and spirit. Mindi has a passion for helping children develop a strong love of learning and for helping teens recognize and reach their full potential. Prior to The Mindful Heart, Mindi created, wrote, and served as Math Director for The Good and Beautiful Math Curriculum. She also wrote five of The Good and Beautiful Science Units. Mindi is a wife and mother to three children. In addition to homeschooling, she enjoys playing board games, traveling, and reading.

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