Juggling Toddlers, Teens, and In-Betweens

Presented by: Janet Cox

How do you keep toddlers and preschoolers happy and safe while homeschooling older kids and teens? How can older kids benefit from having preschoolers around? How do you meet the needs of many different ages, personalities, and learning styles without going crazy? Janet, a mom of 12, will share tips and tricks for keeping your little ones busy and learning while you’re working with your older children, and how to include them with family learning time. Mixed ages can be a blessing, not a curse!


Janet Cox is the mom of twelve wonderful kids and is passionate about providing them with the best, personalized education to fulfill their missions in life. Three of her children are adopted, including one who was adopted as a teenager who has blessed her with five grandchildren. One son graduated from homeschool and started college full-time at age fifteen; another is an angel in heaven. The other nine range from high school to baby. She is a reviewer of books, educational toys, and curriculum, and believes you can never have too many books. She has a master’s degree in Child Development and Family Relations from Utah State and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from BYU. She lives in Nampa, Idaho.

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