Inviting Christ into Our Homeschool

Presented by: Jenni Sheffield

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ is the greatest tool Heavenly Father has given us to invite Christ into our homeschool. How can we engage our kids in this precious text? How do we get our kids to “cling to the iron rod?” How can we help them receive their own personal witness of Jesus Christ at home, independent of us, and prep them for a lifetime of faith? This class will answer these questions and more.


Jenni is married to one handsome man and is the momma of five beautiful children. She loves them to the moon and back. After her eldest daughter was in second grade, and she was tired of fighting with her to get homework and reading done each night, she found the courage to homeschool her and her brother (who was in kindergarten). After a short period of detox, and a lot of playing, her eldest discovered her love of learning again and even began reading on her own. Thus began their homeschool journey. She has been homeschooling for two short years, but this lifestyle is in her blood.

Jenni loves to learn and is interested in almost everything. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from BYU, with an emphasis in illustration. She loves all arts and crafts and has recently taken an interest in origami. She is learning to ride horses, coach basketball, and do water aerobics. She loves reading. One of her favorite books is Pride and Prejudice and of course The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

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