Inspire Learning through Entrepreneurship: They'll Never Ask You for Money Again

Presented by: Bill Peavoy

Come learn how other families have incorporated entrepreneurship projects into their homeschooling. Your kids will secretly learn math, economics, work ethic, and essential professional skills all while they think they’re just getting rich. Money is a powerful motivator and, the best part is, it doesn’t have to come from you.


Bill Peavoy and his wife, Kym, have been homeschooling their eight children for over fifteen years. Homeschooled in his own youth, Bill grew up speaking to audiences about his unique educational experience, which included starting college at age fourteen, backpacking through the Holy Land, and living among the Xhosa people in Africa. In addition to his international business management and marketing experience, Bill has created two non-profit organizations, has served as a town councillor and deputy mayor, and has sat on the board of directors for over a dozen political societies and committees. Through it all, Bill’s passion continues to be teaching and inspiring greatness in youth.

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