Natalie’s journey from childhood artist to practical Industrial Design student to jobless graduate didn’t have the ending she thought it would. Thankfully, in what can only be described as a series of personal miracles, Natalie went back to painting professionally. She has been exhibited in juried shows, including the Springville Art Museum’s Annual Spring Salon, the LDS International Art Competition, and STEMS Plein Air event. She has also written Art History curriculum for Latter-day Learning’s high school courses and is currently working on paintings for a large historical timeline project for American Heritage School. She is eager to share what she has learned about the importance of beauty, and tries every day in her own home to encourage warm hearts and creative gifts.

How to Nurture Creativity in Our Children—and Why We Must!

Presented by: Natalie Hunsaker

Since the arts are often not viewed as a “serious career,” it is easy for homeschoolers to put the arts at the bottom of their priority list—especially when the parents themselves don’t feel that they are particularly creative people. In this class, you will learn the surprising history of the various ways artists have been perceived through the ages, why they are perceived the way they are today, and how our perception is blocking us from some of the greatest joys and blessings of homeschool. Come see how to use the arts as a critical gateway to softer hearts, connected spirits, purposeful learning, and a lifetime of joyful creativity.


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