How to Make a History Notebook

Presented by: Dan Hunter

Get your child involved in history by creating their very own history notebook. Dan and Janice Hunter share with you some of their successes and failures in teaching history to their own children, and the wonderful method of creating a history notebook.


Dan Hunter and his wife Janice have been married for forty years and have five children and twelve grandchildren. They have homeschooled since 1993. Dan is the author of nine history books which are used across the nation in private schools and homeschools. He is a graduate of George Wythe University in Cedar City, Utah in Business and Biblical Studies, and was a private school teacher for ten years.  Dan started Living History in 1999 when he started writing his history books. In 2004 Dan and Jan bought Archive Publishers and Wholesome Books which they run with a lot of help from their children. Wholesome Books is a homeschool/private school bookstore, and under the Archive Publishers’ name they re-publish out-of-print LDS and non-LDS books, with 175 titles currently available. To add a little variety to his life, Dan is a driver’s education instructor.

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