Laura Welch is a comedian, professional speaker, founder, and mother. She participated in Divine Comedy, a sketch comedy troupe. She participated in a short film for a campaign promoting service with the cast of Studio C, a popular sketch comedy show. She is an advocate for clean comedy. She has taught seminary at Pleasant Grove High School through CES and taught institute at Berkeley College of Music. For the past fifteen years, she has spoken for Especially For Youth on the topics of faith and values. She travels all over the country speaking to LDS teenagers at EFY, youth conferences, and firesides. She founded an organization for families at Harvard Business School and now is a regular speaker there, speaking on motherhood and family. In addition, she runs a parenting speaking series at Harvard Buisiness School, which has received praise from PBS for being a wonderful tool to help families. She was the founder of a female heroes speaking series in Boston during her time serving in the LDS stake Relief Society. Most importantly, Laura is the ringleader/mother of a circus called the Welch Family. She loves teaching and nurturing her four children, Rowan, Porter, Lillian, and Quinn. She spends her spare time playing pranks with her handsome husband and having dance parties with her family.

How to Keep Your Light Burning Brightly

Presented By: Laura Welch

Let’s focus on self-care and personal growth while parenting. This class will help you delve into what you need in order to feel rejuvenated and energized.