How to be an Awesome Teenager

Presented by: John Patterson

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time watching older kids and figuring out what I admired about them. The weirdest part of growing up was realizing that people were watching me! I knew I needed to stop admiring others for how cool they were and start being cool myself. Now that I’m nearing the end of my “teenager career,” here are some pro-tips on how to be an awesome teenager, from a teenager. Learn to do the good things and avoid the stupid stuff.


John Patterson is a homeschooling and LDSHE graduate who has been attending and loving the conference for many years as an attendee and then YCT and is excited to come back as a speaker! In the days following his graduation he’s experienced a bit of a rollercoaster in his life. Many of his friends moved away all at once, he got a new nephew, worked hard for a promotion at his job, traveled across the US three times, received a mission call and has seen it postponed three different times, all while writing a 500 page novel. John has a love of both creativity and people and is excited to share those with everyone at conference!

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