Kari Brimhall is the mom of five fabulous kids. She graduated from Brigham Young University in Education with an emphasis in teaching the gifted and talented. She loves to create in the kitchen, teach classes, write, paint, and tell stories. She has served in a number of church, community, and leadership responsibilities. She served as the LDSHE Youth Conference president for four years. Married to her best friend, VonLogan, they can be found any night of the week cooking, writing, creating art, and laughing around the dinner table!

Sarah Kay graduates from the graphic design program at BYU with honors this June. She’ll start work in a few months using her data visualization and user experience skills. While in college she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now cancer-free and in remission, Sarah Kay currently loves reading classics written by women, coding, and cooking with vegetables. As a youth, Sarah Kay was homeschooled and has attended LDSHE since its inception.

Homeschooling When Life Gets Hard

Taught from from a mother and daughter’s point of view, Kari Brimhall and Sarah Kay Brimhall Miller will share their journey of homeschooling through tough times: moving, heavy callings, house-remodeling, a parent’s moving in, illness, death, and Sarah Kay’s fight against cancer. Learn how you can cope successfully with life’s ups and downs and still homeschool!


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