Homeschooling Multiple Age Groups

Presented by: Stephanie Harris

With eight kids in a seventeen year spread, I have a little experience with failures and successes in getting it all done. Come listen as I share some wisdom about what worked well, and what went by the wayside: the daily traditions I found to be most important, the ones that didn’t matter that much after all, and the ones I wish I had doubled-down on to begin with. We will discuss varied strategies, curricula, and educational philosophies, including when and where I found each one to work well for my family’s educational flow, and why.


Stephanie Harris teaches at C7 Ranch Academy in southeastern Idaho. Student enrollment: eight. Together with her husband, CJ, they raise their children on the values of classical/leadership education, physical work, family activities, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their school style is eclectic, and is carefully fit to their unique family dynamics and goals. Besides leading her family’s mornings of classical (and sometimes brain candy) readings, math lessons, and often tear-stained writing activities, she also serves as the Scholar Principal for the Pocatello Chapter of Freedom Scholars for American homeschool co-op. She is an experienced real estate investor, and a family-focused life coach. Her hobbies include as much reading as possible, quilting while listening to podcasts, enduring wrestling tournaments, and home renovation (which is never done). For more information, you can visit her website:

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