Homeschooling Meets Housekeeping

Presented by: Rebecca Loertscher

Everyone’s homeschooling schedule looks different, and every family situation is unique. However, there are some underlying principles that make housekeeping while homeschooling easier. We’ll explore how to use your limited time wisely, manage your expectations, and include your darling offspring in the process. I’ll also share my journey from a befuddled, overwhelmed mom of little ones to the mostly-calm home manager (still with little ones!) that I am today, fifteen years later. Come learn from my mistakes!


Rebecca Loertscher has been homeschooling her children since 2002, when her husband joined the military and moved the family to an especially frightening school district. Since then, she has been involved in six homeschool cooperatives, three of which she co-founded. She has homeschooled in seven different states. Rebecca has a BA in psychology from Utah State University, with a minor in human resource management. She has also completed coursework for master’s degree programs in Instructional Technology, Management and Human Resources, and Adult Education. She will get a graduate degree in something when she gets around to it. Rebecca is the mother of ten awesome children, ages twenty-one to two. The three oldest are attending BYU-Idaho and Utah State University.

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