Homeschooling Amongst the Little Ones

Presented by: Kristen Thiriot

Having little children in the home can be stressful and challenging for everyone.  Adding homeschool to the mix can make it feel exhausting!  If you are feeling that way about your homeschooling experience, know you are not alone.  Come hear ideas and strategies that you can apply immediately in your home to help manage your little ones so that you are able to fully function as a homeschooling mother.


Like many, Kristen has come to appreciate how life doesn’t turn out how you thought it would. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, she dreamed of getting married in the Salt Lake temple. But while at BYU a young man from England swept her away to a wedding in Preston. She anticipated for her first child to come after completing BYU’s accounting program, yet found that baby number one would come six weeks before graduating in Marriage, Family and Human Development. On and on her story goes, six kids later (only wanting to have four) and seven years of homeschooling (not her idea) in Virginia (not her plan), Kristen has found joy in learning to accept what the Lord has planned for her.

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