Homeschool Philosophies Lite

Presented by: Dana Wood

As a brand new homeschool mom, your first thought after making the decision to homeschool is likely, “What curriculum do I use?” Asking others leads to words like “Charlotte Mason,” “TJed,” and “unschooling.” What do those words even mean? In this class, we will cover all these and more. I promise not to overwhelm you! I’ll just give you the “lite” version so you are not totally lost but have enough information to know which philosophies might work for you.


Dana has always enjoyed teaching. In high school she had the opportunity to be a student teacher, but found the experience frustrating as she was constantly told “you can’t do that in a public classroom! There are too many kids.” After that experience, she told a friend that she would never be a school teacher unless she could teach in a private school for gifted children where they let you teach to the children, not to the test. She has been doing just that since 1985, when she started homeschooling her children after reading John Holt’s book, Teach Your Own. She has loved the challenge and the fun of learning alongside her children as they moved back and forth across the country as a military family. She has graduated eight of her ten children and is glad she still has a couple at home. She is excited that her grandkids are being homeschooled, too.

Dana started with LDSHE as a mentor mom in 2005 and joined the Board as the Youth Conference President in 2006, developing the youth conference program. After four years as Youth Conference President, she has done a little bit of everything including Audio Library and Adult Conference Director as LDSHE expanded its conference out west.

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