Joel Phillips is the former head of the Electronics Engineering Technology department at Bishop State Community College in Mobile, Alabama. He graduated magna cum laude, receiving a B.S. in Education from Athens State University, Athens, Alabama. Upon completing his AAS degree at Southwest State Technical College in Mobile in 1979, he enjoyed almost ten years working as an electronics technician on a wide variety of electronic equipment and he was involved in contract work for Bell South (now AT&T).

In 2006, Mr. Phillips launched Quick Study Labs, a website dedicated to the task of introducing homeschool kids to the wonders of science, math, and physics through a hands-on study of electronics. Joel is a former Certified Electronics Technician, and he is a NCCER (National Center for Construction and Education Research) certified instructor. Teaching electronics is his passion! In addition to teaching online and on campus, he enjoys hiking, camping, kayaking, and almost anything outdoors. Recently retired from college teaching, he now intends to focus all his energy on expanding his ministry to homeschool children through his website.

Helping the Edison Trait Child

Presented By: Joel Phillips

Children with The Edison Trait pose huge challenges to traditional education methods. In fact, trying to educate an Edison Trait Child using traditional methods frustrates both the learner and the teacher. This session will give pointers on how to educate your Free-Thinking Edison Trait Child—and survive!

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