Get Out!

Presented by: Justin Young

As an author, speaker, and entertainer with 25 years of professional experience in the entertainment, media, and creative arts industry, Justin has lent his voice as an announcer/actor to companies such as ESPN, Liberty Tax, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Monster Energy Drink, and Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream as well as video games, documentaries, and more. Justin is also a teen acting and vocal coach and a published singer/songwriter, and he served as the Musical Director for Broadway Disney’s national pre-release production of The Little Mermaid in Norfolk, Virginia. The audiobook for his critically acclaimed middle-grade dystopian novelette, The Tale of Nottingswood (think Tim Burton meets Dr. Seuss), was released in 2015, and his mini e-book The Three Keys of Effective Communication with Teens is now available as a download. He is also a motivational speaker for youth and adults, but his most cherished title is “Dad.”

To go home, you have to get out first. What do you have in common with Adam and Eve? Everything! For starters, your parents are going to kick you out of your “Garden of Eden” one day, and you’ll have to face the world on your own. Scary, right? But once you realize that the very first story of the Bible is actually God’s first Adulting 101 class, it will change everything—especially how you see your future. This class will delve into the psychology of adulting (yawn!) in a way that won’t put you to sleep (oh!). Most importantly, this class will help you find the courage necessary to face the future like you’ve never faced it before. Why? Because you’ll understand the story of Adam and Eve like you’ve never understood it before.


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