Five Principles of Wise Financial Management

Presented by: Mary Ann Dowdle

Is money evil? Can we be the “Good Samaritan” and help others without the financial means to do so? Who’s paying for your “things”? Are you planning now for your education and mission? Come learn how you can become financially independent and use money for good! In his book “The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth,” bestselling author Richard Paul Evans explains that “money should not be the preoccupation of our lives.” Rather, it can help us “be free to focus on God, family, and relationships-the true nourishment of life.” Evans believes one of the gravest dangers in modern America is fiscal irresponsibility. He says, “Debt is forcing us to work more and more, stealing from us our precious time as well as happiness.” Money problems are destroying marriages, homes, health and are a motivating factor in crime and domestic abuse. This class covers the topics of being frugal, saving, spending wisely, earning, and giving back.


Mary Ann Dowdle and her husband Larry have been married for 30 years and are the parents of four children, including a set of twins. Mary Ann has tutored her daughter for eight years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Minor in Music.
Mary has been an active participant in The Boys Scouts of America, including serving on the local BSA committee and being a District Merit Badge counselor for a number of badges. All three of her sons are Eagle Scouts and college graduates Mary Ann has participated and taught in the “Culture Club,” which was a weekly group meeting of homeschooled students from three states. She currently sponsors a classical book club for youth ages 12-18 and their parents. Mary Ann has many years of experience in family budgeting and strives to be a good steward, recording every cent she spends. She enjoys learning about thrift and living wisely, believing that “using money as a tool to reach goals and bring peace of mind is an exciting message to be shared!”

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