Finding the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within You

Presented by: Tyson Mathews

Tyson Mathews was homeschooled in a large family, as the oldest of seven children. After graduation, he began working in construction and soon found himself a retail manager over 30 employees at age 19. At age 24, inspired by his homeschooling, he stepped out of his comfort zone and started his own investment company. Today he owns and operates several companies grossing over $15 million annually. He is passionate about growing his business and mentoring other entrueprenuers to success. Tyson loves being active in business education, sharing his experiences, ideas, and passions. He now lives in Texas with his wife and daughter.

Want to own your own business and be successful at it? Come learn from a successful homeschooled entrepreneur. Find out what he did to go from being homeschooled to owning multiple companies.


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