Eureka! Inspiring Math And Science!

Presented by: Elizabeth Merrell

Many parents find the 3rd Key of Great Teaching (“Inspire, not require”) particularly daunting when it refers to Math and Science. How does a mom who may not feel totally comfortable with these challenging subjects do it? Elizabeth Merrell has developed an excellent program for inspiring children to LOVE math and science. She calls it “Eureka!” and it is a revelation. Elizabeth demonstrates her program and helps us combine the facts with fun.


Elizabeth Merrell grew up in Houston, Texas as the second of twelve children. She and her husband Kent have three sons followed by three daughters and reside in Bountiful, Utah. In 2007, after a 17-year break from her educational pursuits, Elizabeth went back to school to finish her degree. In 2011 she expects to finish a Masters in Science and Nutrition (CMP), with a BIS in Chemistry, Nutrition and Zoology and a Master’s in Herbology. Her goal is to use her educational training as a Registered Dietitian to change lives through better health while contributing to the education and missions of her six children. She also plans to cash in on her husband’s promise to serve a mission together, perhaps dealing with third world nutrition issues or other humanitarian causes.
Fulfilling moments of Elizabeth’s life include the opportunity to serve as the Vice-President of the Norma I. Love Foundation, offering aid to Mosquito Coast villagers over a span of 6 years; serving as the Young Women’s president in Frisco, Texas; teaching swimming lessons, especially to near-drowning victims; teaching math and science to homeschoolers; homeschooling her own family for ten years, and assisting in the founding of a charter school based on the book The Well-Trained Mind. Despite the joys found in these activities, Elizabeth cherishes most the daily pleasures found in the faces of her children and in the constancy of her husband’s love and support.

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