Empowering Women in History

Presented by: Sarah Kay Miller

Who runs the world? Girls. From Hypatia to Ava Lovelace, women throughout history have been innovators, scholars, and inventors. They’ve been movers and shakers.  And you are no exception! We’ll explore the lives of women like Dorothy Vaughn and Julia Child, and see what they had in common as we take steps to leaving our own stamp on history. As Rosie the Riveter says, “We can do it!”


Sarah Kay graduates from the graphic design program at BYU with honors this June. She’ll start work in a few months using her data visualization and user experience skills. While in college she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now cancer-free and in remission, Sarah Kay currently loves reading classics written by women, coding, and cooking with vegetables. As a youth, Sarah Kay was homeschooled and has attended LDSHE since its inception.

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