Eclectic with a Side of Sailing, Please

Presented by: Jamie Anderson

Looking for a methodology that thrives on flexibility, independence, and self-directed learning? If you are willing to try new things, meet new people, and possibly throw up a little … step out of your comfort zone and try your own version of “out of the box learning!” Everything you thought you’d learn, you will! And then when you look back, you’ll realize you’ve done more than you ever thought you’d achieve.


During her undergraduate studies, Jamie Anderson felt inspired that at some point in her future, she would need to teach her children at home. Subsequently, she received her degree in elementary and special education from Brigham Young University-Hawaii and has loved homeschooling her children full-time as a mother and primary educator. Her homeschooling approach is eclectic with heavy doses of Charlotte Mason, Classical, and TJed. Last year Jamie and her husband, Travis, were able to maximize their time together as a family through their own “Out of the Box” learning experience and went sailing for six months down the east coast and across to the Bahamas. Their family continues to enjoy spending time together outdoors and looks forward to additional learning experiences that push them out of their comfort zone and broaden their ability to serve others.

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