Early Music Development

Presented by: Kim Kuhn

Learn how to teach your preschooler and elementary age children the basics of music even if you don’t know the basics yourself. Learn how to give them not only a sense of music appreciation, but the foundation for success in other subjects as well. Studies have shown that the earlier a child is exposed to good music, the more they will succeed in other subjects.


Kim Kuhn is a mother of three children, and she loves to have other kids in her home along with her own. Growing up in Germany as an Army brat, she was introduced at a very young age to classical music and art. She would sit quietly next to her mother at an orchestral concert, but as soon as the music started, she would follow the conductor and try to conduct the music in her seat. She was also blessed to have family from different parts of the world, so learning words in foreign languages always seemed fun and exciting. Some of Kim’s favorite hobbies include reading, traveling, learning languages, listening to music, and going to art museums. She wishes she could actually paint or draw, but somehow she did not inherit her mother’s artistic talents. You can often find her drumming her fingers on the table to a Korean pop song or practicing Russian words while driving.

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