Dating Now: The Why and the How

Presented by: Dave Johnston

For a lot of people, dating can be pretty scary . . .but it doesn’t have to be! Brother Dave Johnston (“Dear Bro Jo”) will share his own “tragic-but-funny” experiences and answer your questions, like: How to get a date? How to act on a date? Why won’t he call? Does she like you? And what does that weird thing that person said or did really mean??? Dating can be important, fun, and helpful. First dates, formal dates, relationships both serious and casual, and more will be discussed. This class is not just informative, it’s fun! Students taking this course who would like to have their questions answered anonymously in class can email them to Brother Johnston at [email protected]


Brother Dave Johnston has been writing an advice blog for LDS teens and young single adults since 2009. “Dear Bro Jo” has been read by over 75,000 people; Dave has responded to over 2,000 emails, and last year his blog passed the 1 million views mark! He has written three books. The married father of seven, Brother Johnston has taught Seminary, Institute, and Sunday school, served as a high councilor, bishop’s councilor, and Elder’s Quorum president; he is currently the Public Affairs Director for the Bozeman, Montana Stake. He has worked as a teacher at Montana State University (seven years), a radio talk show host (nine years), and owns a computer drafting company (twenty-two years). He has also coached football and baseball.


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