Dating can be one of the most exciting and scary experiences of your life! Many youth today wonder “Why date?” So, let’s talk about. This will be a very interactive class, with input from prophets, our personal experiences, and YOU.

By James and Holly Tippetts


James and his wife Holly have been homeschooling their six children for the past twenty years, successfully graduating four of them so far. James has been the school principal and financier of this wonderful adventure. His career began as an Army officer, which moved the school and family to Europe and across the United States. After twelve years in the military, he changed to a career in sales and leadership. He is a lifelong student and learner of success principles that he has implemented into his life and shared with many others. His gift is teaching and making information more understandable. His hobbies include scuba diving, shooting, hiking and outdoor activities with his family. He has worked with youth his entire adult life and enjoys mentoring them.

Holly and her husband James are the parents of six amazing children. They are finishing their 25th year of homeschooling in Holt, Missouri. Holly loves adventure and travel which is good because their family has moved eighteen times. She graduated from SUU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts, and loves creating artwork that makes people happy. Her children say she is “unintentionally savage” because she is a bit sassy and direct at home. She has a huge love for learning and always has a stack of books being read at the same time. Her greatest joy and happiness is her family.

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