Creating Wealth in the Information Age

Presented by: Nephi Zufelt

Nephi is just a guy who married the love of his life, worked hard as an engineer and later as a business executive to provide for his growing family of five awesome kids. Along the way, he realized his kids needed to learn about wealth and money. In the absence of a satisfactory curriculum, he decided to write a children’s book to teach kids, through stories and simple examples, the basic principles of wealth mentality. Now, Nephi still runs a medical device development company and spends his free time thinking about how he can help families change their current mentality about wealth.

This class will focus on teaching students the first keys to wealth creation in the information age. These are the principles and skills that the wealthy teach to their kids (or have private tutors and schools teach them) and it does not look anything like the “live frugally, save, and retire” path. Instead, the wealthy focus on creating more income and growing their wealth as quickly as possible. There is a different way of looking at money and financial freedom that focuses on adding value to the economy and working from an abundance mentality, both of which are immensely more fun, exciting, and successful than classic saving techniques. Come and learn how you and your family can change your financial paradigm on your path to financial freedom.


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