Kami Huntzinger lives in North Logan, Utah, with her husband and five children. She has been homeschooling for over twenty years. Each child has been a different and unique adventure, and that has been one of her favorite things about homeschooling. She and her family run Bees Brothers, a small business selling honey and honey caramels (which is actually a science experiment that went a little bit crazy). Kami has a degree in biology and chemistry and worked in science research before starting her family. She is currently serving as the LDSHE Youth Conference President.

Cool Science Lessons for Different Ages and Stages

Presented By: Kami Huntzinger

This is a fun, hands-on demonstration style class. We are going to spend the hour working together through three different lessons geared towards different age groups. We’ll explore Potions with our youngest students, pit Galileo vs. Aristotle with our middle schoolers, and learn about Natural Selection with our high schoolers. Not only will this class give you some fun things to do with your kids at home, but we will talk about basic principles and resources for teaching science to kids of all ages.