Conquering the Morning Madness

Presented by: Mindi Eldredge

Without a plan and some organization, getting the homeschool day going can be difficult. Come learn effective ways to help your mornings run more smoothly, motivate your children to become self-starters, and create and organize “Morning Meetings” that provide focus and structure for the day and invite God into the day’s activities.


Bringing together her degree in education, experience as a professional educator and homeschool mother, and passion as a homeschool curriculum writer, Mindi Eldredge takes an enlightening look at creating a successful homeschool education. Mindi joined the team of The Good and the Beautiful early on in the company’s development. She helped to create the elementary science curriculum, writing five of the units. Mindi is now the lead creator of The Good and the Beautiful K–6 Math Curriculum and is the director of the High School Math Development Team. Come learn from her experience and feel of her passion during her engaging presentations.

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