Classical Education Made Easy

Presented by: Alyson Redford

Are you overwhelmed with the endless options for homeschooling? Are others concerned that your children will not get everything they need? Do you lean toward traditional education, but feel inadequate? Come and check out classical education. You will be introduced to The Well-Trained Mind, which gives you confidence in your abilities to be successful. There is advice on how to fit it all in. There is flexibility within the structure. There is ease in choosing curriculum. There are suggestions on schedules and routines. There is a clear overview. There is no pressure for exact or perfect. Learn how to fill your children with “facts and images, give the tools to organize them, and then equip them to express conclusions.”


Alyson is the mother of six children. Three of which graduated in crazy 2020. They all came to her through foster care; a world she became very involved in. She has taught foster care licensing classes and parenting classes to foster parents, birth parents and the general community. She served on the Foster Care Review Board for Pima County in Arizona. She currently lives in Safford AZ where she enjoys getting to know her neighbors. As a grateful member of LDSHE, Alyson enjoys the feeling of community she gets from other members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who homeschool. She loves Heavenly Father’s plan and the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is exciting for her to hear eternal principles discussed in her children’s learning.

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