Charlotte Mason Methodology in an LDS Home

Presented by: Kathryn Louis

Without reading Miss Mason's own words, many assume her method is close to unschooling. On the contrary, Charlotte Mason's main focus was deep and broad curriculum, including mathematics, history, sciences, natural history, languages (including the child's own native tongue), literature, habits, home arts, music and art appreciation, physical education, public speaking, religion, and more. Her success was based on learning everyday. If you've homeschooled for long at all, you realize that we are at it 24/7–making learning a lifestyle choice just as Charlotte Mason did. She taught gentleness to teachers and expected much from children. In short, her methods create amazing results without squelching the spirit of the child. Just how she encouraged these results and how we adapt them for the LDS audience is the focus of this class – it's easier than you think.


Kathryn Louis (aka Ginger Conrad) and her husband, Joseph, homeschooled their children in one form or another since 1982 in the states of Washington, Hawaii, and Utah. Besides mentoring distance students and mothers all over the world through Milestones Academy and, she also enjoys bee keeping, reading, sewing, gardening, cooking, and grandmothering. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education from NAMC. Now an empty-nester, she is working towards Master Herbalist with SNH, preparing for GREs in English Literature and Psychology, and making more fun homeschool videos. She and her husband reside in Washington State and Southern Utah.

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