Celebrate Imperfection!

Presented by: Mary Black

Whaaat??? Celebrate imperfection? Aren’t we supposed to seek excellence? Yes! And we best seek excellence by allowing ourselves and others to make mistakes—that is how we learn and grow! This class will help parents and children feel more comfortable with imperfection. We will discuss some strategies for allowing growth-centered mistakes in ourselves and others. We will share examples of the phenomenal results that come when we allow ourselves to try something, blunder through, learn from it, and repeat! Come hear how to let go of the need to be perfect every time and create a culture of growth and learning in your home! Free yourself and your children to be true to who you came here to be.



Mary Black’s diverse life includes a wonderful husband and 6 talented children.  Mary believes that every person is gifted in one or many ways.  She loves seeing her children and mentees discover their purposes in life and then use their gifts to begin fulfilling their mission.
Her family is full of varied interests.  All love to create through theater, music, mentoring and business. Mary loves to direct choirs, mentor, camp, hike, and spend time in the outdoors!  She can be found doing yoga at odd hours.

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