Building Unity, Cultivating Quality Connections, and Developing Emotional Intelligence in Your Family

Presented by: Teresa and Rick Starr

Have you ever wished your children came with an instruction manual? They are all so innately different. Because homeschooling families spend so much time together, it is essential that they know how to value each other’s innate personalities and how to have effective communication strategies to help them find more joy in the moment and build lasting joy and quality connections in the future.
In this workshop, we teach you a simple and effective system to help you understand your kids, yourself, and your spouse, at the deepest core level. You’ll come to understand the WHY behind the behavior and how to best respond in order to emphasize strengths and promote optimal learning and growth. You’ll learn about innate driving core motives, strengths, limitations, needs, wants, and how to connect in meaningful ways with each member of your family and others. As a homeschooling family ourselves, this system has been transformational!


Rick and Teresa love helping families learn how to strengthen their relationships and thrive at life. Studies show that the number one predictor of happiness, mental and physical health, longevity, and success in life is the quality of one’s relationships and the ability to connect well with others. Rick and Teresa are passionate about sharing gospel-centered, research-backed strategies for building successful and meaningful connections. They are Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioners, Certified Positive Educators, trained life coaches, mentors, presenters, & People Code Facilitators. They are the founders of Positivity Life, where they host an inspiring blog & podcast. They are also building a new website:, where they teach faith-based relationship strategies and thriving skills for families. Rick and Teresa have been married for over 35 years. They have fond memories of homeschooling their five kids (who are now all grown and successfully launched into life). Teresa holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Rick’s degree is in geography and audio/visual production. He uses skills from both fields of study as a language producer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Starrs’ hobbies are music, running, studying, and building courses in relationship strategies and thriving skills. Teresa has also created a phonics-based, multi-sensory, early literacy program called FUNetic Farm. Their favorite passtime is spending time with their family. Rick currently serves in the stake presidency and Teresa serves as a Sunday School teacher.

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