Bringing Down The Walls: Improving Communication In The Family

Presented by: Dr. Brad Wilcox

Just as the Berlin Wall came down, we can bring down the walls that sometimes are built between children and parents. Communication walls are built for the same reasons as the Berlin Wall: distrust, fear, misunderstanding, and insecurity. It doesn't have to be that way. Let's take the wall down one brick at a time.


Dr. Brad Wilcox grew up primarily in Provo, Utah except for some childhood years spent in Ethiopia, Africa. He served a mission in Chile and has lived with his family in New Zealand where he directed a Study Abroad Program for Brigham Young University. Their family also lived in Laramie, Wyoming while Brother Wilcox was working on his Ph.D. at the University of Wyoming. Most recently, Brother Wilcox and his family presided over the Chile Santiago East Mission, returning home to Provo in July of 2006.

Brad and his wife, Debi, have four children. Brother Wilcox taught sixth grade in Provo before joining the faculty at BYU where he is an associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education. Brad teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in literacy and children’s literature. Brother Wilcox loves working with youth programs held at BYU such as Especially for Youth and Campus Education Week. He also enjoys visiting schools across the country and helping to promote literacy.

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