Beyond Academics: Springboarding Your Youth's Passion into Real Life

Presented by: Tina Nokes

Teens get excited when they can identify what their talents and passions are, and then translate those into real-life experiences. Tina gives you a framework to help identify those passion areas and how to develop them into “big” things that bring about learning they will never forget. Explore community service opportunities, entrepreneurship, leadership experiences, apprenticeships, and part-time employment. Tina also demonstrates how to translate those into unique learning experiences that explore potential future life/career tracks.


Tina Nokes, a mother of four boys, has homeschooled for nine years. She began homeschooling her oldest son shortly after he entered 9th grade. The others came out of the public school system within the next two years and the whole family began to ride the “great white-knuckler” of homeschooling together. Beginning with the only thing she knew, public school at home, Tina knew there must be a better way. So she began researching curriculums, methodologies, and philosophies to find the best fit for her family. Ten years later she feels that she has a handle on it but continues to keep up on the latest trends and practices. The Nokes live in Virginia.

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