Twice a year, Dr. Kimber takes a number of students and chaperones to do studies abroad in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. Inasmuch as approximately 45% of all prophecy concerns the Middle East, Dr. Kimber believes that it is imperative and life-enhancing to visit these lands personally. Under the direction of Hebrew University, and in conjunction with Natanya College (both based in Israel), students on these trips have the opportunity to work at the popular excavation site known as the ruins of the city of Lehi. Many scholars believe this is the city where a prophet named Lehi and his family lived before they left the land of Jerusalem. These lucky students have the opportunity to actually “dig in the dirt” at this excavation where underground chapels and a temple/church have already been excavated by Dr. Kimber’s groups. During this class, Dr. Kimber will explain the exciting details about this wonderful new opportunity and make you wish you could be there! Maybe you can!


Dr Kimber has always had a love for America and our inspired Constitution. He was instrumental in developing a program for television called The Miracle of America with his father-in-law, W. Cleon Skousen, which aired nationwide during the 1980s. He has also appeared before legislative committees in several states pertaining to religious education and other Constitutional issues. In conjunction with his work in the field of education, the Kimbers formed private schools called the Glenn J. Kimber Academy (formerly known as The Benjamin Franklin Academy private schools). Dr Kimber and his wife Julianne have authored over 100 textbooks covering the subjects of history, science, math, language arts, and religion. All these textbooks are based on scriptural study as well as Constitutional principles, and emphasize community service and a love of learning for students of all ages. Brother Kimber has participated in the LDSEHE annual conference for many years and is pleased to be invited again this year. Born and raised in northern Utah, he and Julianne currently reside in Cedar City, Utah. They are the parents of eight and grandparents of 30.

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