Being in the Moment with Your Child

Presented by: Julie Hansen

Do you ever feel like you will never get things done if you stop to spend time with your children at their every demand? Be inspired by stories of women who have created small and simple traditions of connecting with their children that have had a huge impact. It truly is an art to be present in the moment and capture these moments. This class will supply you with a discussion and test that will help you identify and speak your child’s love language and learning style. By the end, you will understand the importance of doing “mini check-in rituals” that will tell your child, “I see you and love you” while allowing you to have your own time too.


Julie Hansen is becoming an “expert” in cramped-quarters-homeschooling (which started with a return to student life) with her husband, six year old daughter, and almost four year old son. Her husband recently graduated from law school and they are now enjoying all that city life has to offer in the Washington D.C. metro area, fourteen stories above the ground. After studying elementary education at BYU, she was a regional manager for eight years and a gourmet foods business owner. For the last five years, Julie was mentored in behavior and habit training for a child’s early years by a large group of homeschool moms. After visiting the homes of over forty homeschool moms, she has learned techniques to parent with love and without anger and to enjoy the art of being fully present with her children. Julie enjoy’s her co-ops that focus on Teri Ebert’s work and Montessori manipulative presentation.

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