Becoming Acquainted with Languages, Tongues, & Peoples (D&C 90:15)

Presented by: Dr. Steve Bonta

Did you know that the Lord commanded you to learn foreign languages? In D&C 90:15, it says that we are to “become acquainted with…languages, tongues, and people.” Why is this so important? How would knowing about different languages and cultures help you in your life’s mission? Why are these subjects of particular significance to Latter-day Saint youth today? Steve Bonta will help you see the value of studying other people and languages, both from a practical and gospel perspective. He will also show how to educate yourself in a foreign language, and discuss which languages may be most useful for Latter-day Saint youth.


Dr. Steve Bonta is an avid student of American history. From his earliest years, he has enjoyed researching and writing about the people and values that elevate the human spirit. Dr. Bonta speaks seven languages and has traveled extensively. As a junior in high school, he spent a year in Argentina as an exchange student. In 1983-1984, he served an LDS mission in Spain. He has also lived in Taiwan, India, and Sri Lanka. Steve attended Penn State, Brigham Young University, and Cornell University where he received a Ph.D. in linguistics. Dr. Bonta has been a freelance contributor and contributing editor for The New American Magazine. He currently teaches English composition and Spanish at Penn State-Altoona. He lives in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, with his wife Karylee and daughter Elanor.

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