Becoming a Woman of Great Influence

Presented by: Kelly Rogers

Becoming a woman of great influence is crucial in the times we live in today. What can we do to become the women the Lord has created us to be? There are some specific principles which, if followed, will ensure that YOU become that influential woman destined to impact generations.Preview Visual Presentation


Kelly Ensign Rogers was raised mostly in the western United States, received undergraduate degrees in Travel and Tourism, Geography and International Relations from Brigham Young University and a graduate degree in Education from George Wythe College, and currently resides in the Big Sky Country of Hamilton, Montana. She and her husband Eric are the parents of 5 children. Kelly has had a variety of work and service opportunities throughout her life. Among these, she has managed successful business ventures, taught educational seminars, taught college extension courses, homeschooled her children, served on a public school board, served as a jury member in a murder trial, lobbied Congress and testified to a state commission (not all at the same time). Kelly enjoys working, reading, writing, golfing, skiing, traveling and family vacations. Kelly has served in most organizations of the LDS Church and is currently enjoying teaching early morning seminary.

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