The plight of manhood in America is dismal. Most of mainstream society portrays men as dumb, lazy, humorous fools who are lucky if they can put their shoes on the right feet! Obviously, this is not the type of men that we should model our lives after. To “stand up and be men” requires us to fight against the mainstream, to see the truth about what man was meant to be, and emerge victorious in the battle for men’s souls. We need “Stake President-caliber” men. “ARISE from the dust my sons, and be MEN.”


Dan Ralphs is a native of Ukiah, California. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education from George Wythe College. A teacher in training since he was two years old, Dan taught high school Spanish in Mesa, Arizona, after years of working with youth in a number of youth programs including EFY and Youth for America Conferences. He has served with humanitarian organizations in Africa and participated in a Study Abroad Program in the Dominican Republic. He is a golf enthusiast and loves BYU football. He is married to the former Allison Schnepf, and they reside in Cedar City, Utah.

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