The youth of today will either become the leaders of tomorrow, or they will become the followers.  Which will you be?  A homeschooling environment is perfect for developing self-starters who have the knowledge, the determination, and the morals needed to lead this nation.


Brent DeGraff loves to teach providential history to teenagers, write history textbooks, and speak to parents about teaching history. He is co-founder of Liahona Preparatory Academy in Utah. LPA’s Distance Education is the largest LDS-based homeschool program in the country. Brother DeGraff holds a bachelor’s degree in history from BYU, and has authored five LDS-based civics and history textbooks. He has been an Instructor for the Church Education System, International Director of Schools for the Center for Educational Restoration, Operations Director and Distance Learning Coordinator for the Center for Alternative Education, and has co-hosted a weekly radio program called “The Education Circus” on KSTAR radio.

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