Art Is for Everyone

Presented by: Ishel Hertz

Art encompasses more than just pencils and a color wheel. Art can be found all around us and is created through many different approaches. In this class we will dive into the world of art, design a portrait, and create confidence in art making. Materials to create a personal portrait are included.

BARGAIN BIN CLASS: This was a hands-on class, so though there are some gems, a lot of it is the class doing art.


Ishel is from Virginia and is currently studying Art Education at Brigham Young University. She and her siblings started homeschooling when they moved to Virginia Beach in 2003. During her homeschooling years Ishel discovered her love for the ocean, her passion for reading ancient Greek and Roman Mythology and her talent for illustrating children’s books. Since 2012 she’s published eight children’s stories with Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Ishel attended the LDSHE conference as a 12 year old and made wonderful memories throughout the years until her graduation. In July of 2015 Ishel married her sweetheart, Mike, and they took a two month long backpacking trip through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama. This conference helped shape Ishel into who she is today and she’s excited to be attending once again!

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